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Snoring is one of the most common sleeping issues that affects roughly 90 million American adults. Before you and your partner endure another restless night, see what the experts at Moberi Dental Specialists in Houston can do to help. The team offers innovative, effective snoring solutions at both the Copperfield and Galleria clinic locations. Schedule your evaluation by using the online scheduler, or by calling the office closest to your home.

Snoring Q & A

What causes snoring?

The loud, hoarse, snorting sounds that occur while sleeping stem from overly relaxed tissues in your throat. As air passes through, these tissues vibrate with each breath, which leads to snoring.

Alcohol consumption, certain sleeping positions, and being overweight can increase your risk of snoring. In many cases though, snoring is caused by the anatomy of your mouth and sinuses. The more narrow your airway, the more forceful your airflow, making snoring even louder and more consistent.

Are there symptoms of snoring?

Aside from the loud snoring itself that awakens both you and your partner, there are plenty of signs and symptoms you may experience if you’re a chronic snorer. Nightly snoring can lead to:

  • Morning headaches
  • High blood pressure
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Frequent sore throats not caused by illness

You may also find that you frequently wake up at night gasping or choking for air. In some cases, snoring is related to sleep apnea, a chronic disruptive sleep condition. If you experience any of these symptoms or know that you snore, it’s time to schedule an evaluation at Moberi Dental Specialists.

How is snoring treated?

Your dedicated dentist at Moberi Dental Specialists discusses your symptoms with you. They may also take digital X-rays right in the office to see if you have an underlying issue that’s causing your snoring. Once they better understand the reason why you snore, they can design your treatment plan.

One of the best ways to treat snoring involves a custom oral appliance. These individualized dental mouthpieces are tailored to fit your needs so that they can effectively keep your air passages open. Your dentist works with you to ensure that your oral appliance is a comfortable and effective solution.

The team at Moberi Dental Specialists can also coach you through lifestyle changes that further reduce issues with snoring. For example, raising the head of your bed, sleeping on your side, and losing weight can minimize chronic snoring.

If snoring keeps you or your partner up at night, schedule an evaluation at Moberi Dental Specialists to see what the team can do for you. Book either online or over the phone.


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